Motorola Paging Software

FAQ for Motorola Programming Software

Why would I use the software?
The Motorola programming software is for American Messaging customers who have a Motorola text pager and need to program group calls on their own. If you currently do not program your own pagers this software is not needed. American Messaging will continue to program your pagers for you prior to shipments.

Which software should I download?
To determine if you need the Motorola Elite or Motorola Gold software please match up the pager you are programming to the pictures below. If you still have additional questions, please contact customer service.

Download Motorola Elite FLEX PPS

Download Motorola Pocsag PPS
Download Motorola Gold FLEX PPS

How do I install the download?
Once you enter your account number and a valid email address, the file will open.
Click here for Motorola Elite download instructions.
Click here for Motorola Gold FLEX download instructions.

Can I use this to program Unication pagers?
No, this software is for Motorola pagers only. Please use Unication software with any of your current Unication pagers.

Is this software the only thing I need to program these pagers?
No, you will need an Elite or Gold cradle/jig that you place the pager in to synch with your computer. If you do not have the appropriate Elite or Gold cradle/jig or do not currently program your own pagers, please contact your sales representative.

Are there any system requirements?
Operating System:
Windows 98/2000/ XP.
Web Browser: IE5.5 and up